Masanori Matsuda


Connemara Death Notice


@Interface Residency, Connemara, galway, Ireland, 2017



On the far west coast in Ireland - the Connemara region - I came across a record that documents all the locals whom have died in the past 18 years. Such record is called the ‘death notice’, which is being preserved and archived by the Connemara radio station.

I asked a 15-year-old boy, whom was born and raised in Connemara, to read a name from the death notice from each of the month in the past 15 years. Later on, I invited the 15-year-old boy’s mother to the local radio station, playing to her the names her son read through the radio broadcasting system. For the mother, I asked her to repeat each of those names after her son’s recording. Throughout this particular recording session with the mother, she kept on listening to the names her son read out, then repeating after him, such listening and repetitive vocalization went on for awhile.

While shooting the video of the son while he was reading under the precious sunlight in the winter, it was as if the boy 's body has gone through the spectacular natural wilderness of Connemara. I can’t help wondering, if the deceased, whom were being called out by their names adjoining the Connemara setting, would somehow recall their old days once more?

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