Masanori Matsuda


Dream time


My house, Suginami, Tokyo  2002

I have learned that the aboriginal word 'dream time' means not to dream,

But to 'travel' or 'live'.


In 2002, traveling through the Tohoku region, at midnight in a town I didn't know,

I wandered into the ruins of an old castle, parks and alleyways.


At the deep end of one alleyway I walked down

I found an old house that glowed gentle and solitary

And my feet naturally drew me there.

As if it had seen me, the light disappeared.


Looking up at my ceiling when I returned to Tokyo

I suddenly remembered the glow

Of the home in my mind to which I should return.


I made a model of the alleyway

And an attempt to find the lost light.

Copyright © Masanori Matsuda. All Rights Reserved.