Masanori Matsuda


house of day, house of night


@Kcua gyarally, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Jan, 2016



6434 of me being born, and then embraced by light -

It is thought that the number of dead and missing from the 1.17 disaster is 6434. When it happened, I was in the house and the wall in front of me collapsed and I could see the rocks and the sky. The adjacent room fell to rubble, but i am still alive. What was it that separated the 6434 and me? Through this seeming death initiation, my idea of life changed completely, as if many 0-year-old mes were born with hidden possibilities.

What is the faculty to approach the form of imaginary death through but empty numbers; those 6434 people?


On 1.17, 21 years after the quake, awaiting the moment that the lights in the park turned on,

I captured the light in my room.

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