Masanori Matsuda


The home in Moere mountain

Moerenuma park, sapporo, Hokkaido, October, 2011

From the peak of Mount Moere you can overlook the streets of Sapporo.

In this mountain is the waste of the city's life buried

Like the lives of the citizens who are to be forgotten.


From Mount Moere you can see

The present lives of Sapporo,

The past lives of Sapporo,

And me, collecting the season's fallen leaves in Moerenuma Park.

I have designated a point at the summit to experience

These three worlds.


I collect the leaves and pile them up like a mountain

And in each leaf, one by one, I cut the shape of a house and scatter them from the summit.

And I, who will someday fade away, feel that I truly lived here, for just one week, in Sapporo.

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