Masanori Matsuda


The origin of Breath


shiano omachi, Nagano, Mar, 2016

While pure white wraps the world,

Footsteps proceed at the bottom of a shrouded mountain.

There was my breath.

A normally inaudible breath erases me before i realise, and spreads,

And I find myself surrounded by snow.

Before I notice it, my breath does.


Afraid, I light the spark of life and speak.

The breath that was illuminated by the light is wrapped in snow.


Now that I am reassured the breath is mine

Can I put out the light again?

In a while, my breath is forgotten.


A voice to call for God, to deliver to nature.

A voice in space - that pushes and shakes the invisible feeling that is breath,

That stands in the space in front of you.


When breath and snow meet, when emotion and snow meet,

The snow melts.

Then new water is born.


The manifold emotions of Omachi people melt the snow and create water.

New greenery, new mountains, new rivers, new mist, new clouds, new voices,

New emotions, new spring,


New you.

And forgotten breath.

Copyright © Masanori Matsuda. All Rights Reserved.