" 1995年1月17日地震で家が倒壊、目の前の壁がない部屋で目が覚めました。そこで見た空の光とがれきの山は劇場のようで、瞬時に現実の生活や家を完全に解体しました。大地震からの生還によって私の世界の認識は変容し、この現象世界を超えて存在するいくつもの流れに満ちたパラレルワールドを、強く意識させ始めました "
身体・空間・象徴など、消え行く形の中に残る意識や宇宙の流れを見つけ、ミクロとマクロあるいわパラレルワールドを連動させながら再構成する作品を研究し制作。存在学や古代信仰やアニミズム、量子力学などの世界の捉え方や意識の流れの変容に関心を持ち、光の移動や、神話論理などの隠喩、儀式的な繰り返しなどの手法によってアプローチをしています。 身体と世界が交錯する物語や様々な時代の素材を通して、空間と時間を一点に集め配置し直すことで空間の循環を調整し、宇宙との連動を試みた人々の手法を使い " 空間の瞑想 " を行います。 彼は消え行くモノは失われたのではなく、別のパラレルワールドに移動していると考える。そのバランスを調整し、失ったモノを復活させるのではなく、今は別次元に移動したモノを現象世界と連動させ目の前に表現しているのです。
"On January 17, 1995, I woke up in a room with no walls in front of me after an earthquake destroyed my house. The light in the sky and the piles of debris I saw there were like a theater, but instantly and completely dismantled my real life and home. Surviving the earthquake transformed my perception of the world, and I became keenly aware of a parallel world filled with several great currents that exist beyond this phenomenal world."
He creates and researches ways to discover and reconfigure the cosmos and streams of consciousness that remain in vanishing forms such as the body, space, and symbols. Through ontology, ancient beliefs, animism, and quantum mechanics, he is interested in transforming the way we perceive the world and the flow of consciousness, and approaches his work through methods such as light movement, metaphors such as mythological logic, and ritualistic repetition. Through stories in which the body and the world intersect, and through materials from various periods, the artist tunes the circulation of space by gathering and reconfigure space and time in a single point. It can be said to be " a meditation for space " through the human method of attempting to interlock with the cosmos. It is not lost, but moved to another parallel world. It is tuning the balance, not regaining what was lost, but expressing what has moved to another dimension in connection with the phenomenal world in front of it.