6434 of me being born, and then embraced by light -
It is thought that the number of dead and missing from the 1.17 disaster is 6434. When it happened, I was in the house and the wall in front of me collapsed and I could see the rocks and the sky. The adjacent room fell to rubble, but i am still alive. What was it that separated the 6434 and me? Through this seeming death initiation, my idea of life changed completely. What does this have to do with the fact that 6434 people came into this world, and how does this have anything to do with my imaginary repetition of my 0-year old self that came into this world?
What is the faculty to approach the form of imaginary death through but empty numbers; those 6434 people? On 1.17, 21 years after the quake, awaiting the moment that the lights in the park turned on,
I took that light into my broken room (carpet).
阪神大震災1.17の災害の死者・行方不明者は6434人とされている。家の中で起きた時、目の前の壁は抜け、空とがれきが見えていた。家のほとんどはがれきとなったが私は生きている。6434人と私の差はなんだったのか、死の儀式のようなものをうけた事によって、生きる事への認識は大きく変えられた。 6434人がこの世に生まれて来た事、それは生まれて来る0歳の自分を想像で繰り返し、数値だけで作る生のイメージの循環で空虚に想像させられる、6434人の人達を思える気持ちとは。 震災から21年後の同日1.17、公園の光が点灯する瞬間を待ち、その光を私の部屋に取り込んだ。